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Peace, Passion and Positivity in Preschoolers
Mindfulness is such an important topic in today´s busy world. Giving children the best opportunities to use their natural skills in mindfulness, to develop happiness, calm, focus and confidence is a gift we all hope to give.

This curriculum has 30 short lessons to help teach children the fundementals of being mindful in a playful and developmentally appropriate way. 

Each three lessons will be sent to you on Monday for 10 weeks. You'll get the training videos, printables and the curriculum pages as well as any extras we include starting on Mondays. Finish in 10 weeks or take your time and finish at your own pace with in 12 months.

What do you get?
  • ​A Teacher's guide to starting your own mindfulness practice
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  • ​10 week programme but you can complete anytime within one year to get your certification. 
  • ​Free Zoom one hour live meeting and training sessions on how to teach mindfulness online
  • ​Certified MindBE Teacher Certificate if you finish the training within one year.
  • ​ Extra Video Lessons from Helen Maffini
  • ​4 of the most watched videos from the last two preschool mindfulness summits
  • ​ Receive three lessons a week with training for 10 weeks
  • ​ The curriculum has 30 lessons for children, you will receive training on 3 lessons per week, the lessons themselves and the supplementary materials. 
  • ​Private Facebook group for one to one feedback and advice and to share with others as well as our quarterly live training - all included in the price!
I feel my class is calmer, able to relax more and students have a better grasp on how to express and handle their feelings. They really enjoy all the mindfulness stories and cards that come with the curriculum.
Katy Oglesby
Mindfulness not only helps student’s awareness of the present moment, it allows them to understand their emotions in an in-depth way using therapeutic techniques to help calm their emotions if needed.

Kenji Noguchi
The MindBE mindfulness lessons help my students to be more aware of their bodies when learning how to mindfully breathe (lungs and belly breathing). We apply the mindful breathing during mindfulness lessons…

Larisa Mekis
Who created the MindBE Curriculum? 

Helen Maffini is the host of the annual Preschool Mindfulness Summit, she is a doctoral researcher, author and educator. Helen is the creator of the MindBE preschool curriculum used in schools across Asia. She is co-author of the book Developing Children´s Emotional Intelligence and creator of the course Thriving Kids -A Path to Compassion, Caring and Confident Children!

The curriculum has been in use at schools in 20 countries around the world.

Who is this curriculum designed for?
This curriculum is designed for a variety of practitioners including classroom preschool teachers,  to SEL coordinators, mindfulness teachers who visit different classrooms, school counsellors and teachers running after school programmes. Others who might benefit from this training are homeschooling parents, outside activity providers and studios and social workers or counsellors.
What are the skills you will learn?

  • How to develop your own mindfulness practice in order to be a better teacher through your own self- care
  • How to engage young children in a variety of ways to anchor and use their breath to develop emotional
  • ​How to use mindful movement, play and sensory work with young children to develop focus,  attention, prosocial behavior and mindfulness.
  • ​How to help young children appreciate food through mindful eating
  • ​How to use stories and bibliotherapy to help young learners express and develop emotional literacy,  kindness and empathy.
  • ​How to use art and music to engage young children in mindfulness
  • ​How to engage parents as partners in the process of developing mindfulness
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What makes this curriculum different?

Designed for Preschoolers
This currciulum is designed by Helen Maffini an early childhood specialist who makes sure that play and developmentally pracitce are at the heart of the actvities

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Drip Fed Content
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Live training
Once a quarter we will host live training where you can ask anything, share or get your questions and concerns answered for both past and present students.
Frequently Asked Questions
What to expect
  • Lessons for preschoolers
  • ​Mindfulness for teachers
  •  Video training
  •  Printable materials
  •  Additional materials are added and you have access to
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Is there a refund period?
Yes, you can gain a refund anytime within the first 7 days of purchase with no questions asked.
What if I have questions during the school year. 
No problem feel free to reach out to us anytime and we would be happy to help!
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