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Global Mindfulness in Education Summit 
 June 4-9, 2023, live for 24 hours!
Interviews start at 8am EST (New York)
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Who is your host? 

Dr. Christopher Willard is a co-host of the Global Mindfulness in Education Summit, he is a psychologist and educational consultant based in Boston specializing in mindfulness. He has been practicing meditation for 20 years, and has led hundreds of workshops around the world, with invitations to more than two dozen countries. 

He has presented at TEDx conferences and his thoughts have appeared in the New York Times, The Washington Post,, and elsewhere. He is the author of Alphabreaths, Growing Up Mindful (2016) Raising Resilience (2017) and eight other books for parents, professionals and children, available in more than ten languages. 

He teaches at Harvard Medical School.

Who is your host? 

Dr. Helen Maffini is a co-host of the Global Mindfulness in Education Summit, she is a doctoral researcher, author and educator. Helen is the creator of the MindBE preschool curriculum used in schools across Asia. She is co-author of the book Developing Children´s Emotional Intelligence and creator of the course Thriving Kids -A Path to Compassion, Caring and Confident Children!

"I’m Dr. Helen Maffini, the Director of MindBE Education. We are an educational training company working globally. We improve mindfulness and social emotional learning skills in preschools. More specifically we highlight the latest research, tools and strategies and work with thought leaders in the industry helping educators and parents develop these skills in themselves and children.

As a doctoral researcher in the field of mindfulness and co-author of the book Developing Children’s Emotional Intelligence, I have had the opportunity to interview and gain insights from some of the world’s top thought leaders in the field.

Our summits have reached over 30000 educators worldwide and we have created ongoing partnerships and programmes many prominent organizations.

Our specialised curriculum and courses continue to reach children in more countries across the globe while also supporting NGOs in Cambodia in feeding and educating young people who live in poverty. " 

Join your hosts Dr. Christopher Willard and Dr. Helen Maffini, as they interview Experts in the field of global mindfulness in education. Each day you will receive emails with the links to the videos from our experts and you can watch free for 24 hours!
*organizer reserves the right to change any speakers at any time

Rick Hanson


Marcelle Waldman


Bhikkhu Pragnapal


Kevin Hawkins


Amy Burke


Dzung Vo


Audrey Berkovitz

South Africa

Nimrod Sheinman


Jana York


Gail SIlver


Abby Wills


Zohra Omar


Lisa Baylis


Karina Bustamante


Susan Kaiser Greenland


Etsuko Tomlinson


Nara Cortes Andrade


Grant Rix

New Zealand

Lauren Stockly


Dr. Amoneeta Beckstein


Dr. Raven Roytblat


Dr. Shelley Murphy


Ryan Edward Grimes


Xuyen Le


Agnieszka Jankowska-Figaj 


Robyn Hill


Rabia Shunaid Khan


Heidi Bornstein


Shaista Shahid 

Mitra Manesh


Fernando José Rodrigues de Oliveira Emídio


Berenice Boxler

Imaneh Farahani


Hunter Clark-Fields


Dr. Madiha Saeed


Tamas Szekeres


Dr. Laurel Paula Jackson

Amy Green

Margarida Campos Monarca

David Cole


Paula Zhou

Beata Kaminska-Suchanek


Lienhard Valentin


Frequently Asked Questions
Join us each day!
  • Day 1: Well-being and Resilience in Schools
  • ​Day 2: Well-being and Resilience in Schools Around the World
  • Day 3: Mindfulness and Meditation
  • Day 4: Mindfulness for Everyone
  • ​Day 5: Teacher and Parent Well-being
  • Day 6: Mindfulness for All
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Will I be able to speak during the sessions?
No, the sessions are prerecorded, however, we encourage you to send all questions to and to interact in our Facebook Group
Is it really free?
Yes absolutely it is free of charge while it is live 2023. If you wish to watch it afterwards please purchase the ALL ACCESS PASS
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